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Starting Over

What Happened

I met Lynn through a mutual friend at church.  She was new to the area and I had been introduced as someone that could advise and guide her on finding a home.

Our first meeting was at a Starbucks near where she worked.  She was wearing 'scrubs' so I assumed that she worked in the health and medical profession; and we were meeting prior to her shift.

As we talked I found out that she was recently widowed.  I was struck by the thought that she was too young to be widowed.  At the time, she was renting a room in someone's home and she had been exploring the idea of owning for herself again.  She and her late husband owned their home but it became too difficult for her to maintain on her own, so reluctantly she decided it was time to sell.

Wondering if her income would be enough coupled with her down payment; would she still be able to even make a small mortgage payment and live comfortably.  Making things even more doubtful; rising home prices, the looming increase in the interest rates, and very low inventory of homes in her price range.  I recommended she speak to a helpful lender associate who took the time to explain any of the potential scenarios until Lynn found one that seemed to be the most comfortable.

Knowing her guidelines and the limited availability of homes in her price range, we began our search.  We saw several homes over the next few weeks and narrowed the search to two areas.  She was patient.  After a few weeks, a home that met nearly all of her criteria became available.  We knew there would be multiple offers and we put in an aggressive bid but we weren't the first accepted offer.  We resigned ourselves to keep up the search but a few days later I received a call from the other agent telling me that the first buyer was not able to move forward and would Lynn still be interested.  Of course we moved ahead to make the purchase!

In Her Own Words

When I decided to look for a place that I could possibly buy, knowing about Eugene's experience and knowledge about the real estate market gave me confidence that with his help I would find a home.  From the beginning, Eugene was determined to find and show me condos that could be an option for me.  Throughout the entire process of searching and finally through the escrow, he was available to patiently answer all my questions and to advise me when needed.  Since buying a condo was very stressful to me, Eugene's kindness and support were beyond helpful..Eugene is the kind of person and professional that anyone would want to have by his/her side when either buying or selling!